The Executive Advisors and Review Team Honorarium (EARTH) project will provide a core support structure for innovators in the region to access the complementary expertise needed to shape and forward early-stage ventures.

Recruited Executive Advisors are encouraged to attend virtual and/or in-person startup pitch events. Executive Advisors will identify startups that they are interested in advising and that the startup appears to have a skills or knowledge gap that the advisor can fill. The executive advisor will submit the name of the startup company to the EARTH program manager and contact the company to schedule an introductory call. If the startup agrees that a mutually beneficial advising relationship exists, the successful matches will agree to a 10-month advising partnership with reporting and support via the Chronus platform. Each executive advisor will receive an honorarium of $1000/month for the 10 months (contingent upon meeting reporting criteria). The executive advisor will submit a monthly survey about milestone progress. The partnership (executive advisor and startup) will report out twice: (i) after 30 days with a project charter including anticipated milestones, and (ii) outcomes reporting at the end of the 10 months.
The Internship Consultants for Entrepreneurs is a 3 month program where startups are matched with an intern that will be paid $1,000/month for the 3 months (contingent upon meeting reporting criteria). The intern and startup will establish and submit their project charter and the intern will submit weekly progress reports, via the e-mail feature in this platform. At the end of the internship, the company and intern will submit final reports on the project and its impact.

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