An advisor is a guide. A resource who paves the way to success, and derives satisfaction from helping others succeed. Your role as an advisor is to inspire, encourage, and support your team, and guide them through their experiences. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What am I expected to do? Expectations will vary depending on the type of engagement and will be discussed with you prior to your engaging. Interactions may take place via email and other web-related tools (for example, instant messaging) or face-to-face, as appropriate. Advisors should work with their team to determine what kind of support will be most useful.
  • Are there different types of engagements? Yes. We offer both formal and informal advisory engagements with different time commitments and expectations. For a more detailed FAQ, please click here to download a PDF.
  • Do you use any specific tools when you work with teams? We use the Lean Canvas to help teams think about the potential of their innovations. Specifically, we focus on their customer needs and problems.
  • How do I learn about additional resources available to help teams? We are always happy to discuss additional resources available. Please contact the program administrator with questions.
  • The relationship is not going well, what should I do? We encourage letting the team know about the situation and contact the Admin Immediately. We will provide our full support to resolve the situation in a positive and satisfactory manner.

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Mentor DO's

  1. Regularly view events that are posted by the program administrator. 
  2. Offer mentoring for teams who need your expertise.
  3. Keep open communication between yourself and your teams.

Mentor DON'Ts

  1. Try to give advice on everything.
  2. Encourage teams to be totally dependent upon you.
  3. Provide your personal history, problems, animosities, successes, failures, etc unless they are constructive contributions.