An advisor is a guide. A resource who paves the way to success, and derives satisfaction from helping others succeed. Your role as an advisor is to inspire, encourage, and support the startups, and guide them through their experiences. 

Mentor DO's

  1. Regularly view events that are posted by the program administrator. 
  2. Offer mentoring for startups who need your expertise.
  3. Set expectations upfront with the startups on:
    • how much volunteering time you are allocating to the startup
    • At what point will the relationship cross a reasonable engagement level and if at all, you'd expect payment (cash, equity, etc).
    • desired impact/outcome of the relationship
  4. Keep open and honest communication between yourself and your startups.
  5. If you have questions or concerns contact CoMotion Labs staff immediately. We are here to support you.

Mentor DON'Ts

  1. Try to give advice on everything.
  2. Encourage startups to be totally dependent upon you.
  3. Provide your personal history, problems, animosities, successes, failures, etc unless they are constructive contributions.

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